Wi-Fi Hotspots

Long Loan Wi-Fi Hotspots (DIAL)

These Wi-Fi Hotspots are ideal for patrons in need of reliable, free, Wi-Fi in their homes and are made available through the county-wide Digital Inclusion And Literacy (DIAL) partnership.

  • Long Loan Wi-Fi Hotspots are available for one 28-day loan. Patrons who obtain a DIAL class completion certificate may renew the Hotspot for up to 56 days total.
  • All patrons may borrow another Long Loan Wi-Fi Hotspot immediately upon return, if available.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Take Wi-Fi service with you anywhere with MCDL’s Mobile Hotspots. These easy-to use devices provide wireless access anywhere you can get a cell signal.

Hotspots are loaned for 14 days; limit one checkout per household per 30 days, and may not be renewed or reserved in advance. There is a $5 per day late fee and replacement cost is $40.

--Long Loan Wi-Fi Hotspots and traditional Hotspots are available at all MCDL locations, including Bookmobile.
The library reserves the right to limit excessive use by an individual or family per MCDL's Wi-Fi Hotspot policy. Thank you for your understanding.--