Meeting Room Guidelines & Fees

Meeting Room Guidelines & Fees


As a community service, Medina County District Library provides meeting rooms for use by non-profit community organizations at no charge and by individuals and for-profit groups for a fee. Library meeting room facilities can accommodate a variety of activities, ranging from large events to small, informal meetings. Rooms are available during library hours when not booked for library programming or events.

The use of any library facilities or meeting rooms by any group in no way constitutes sponsorship and/or endorsement of the policies or beliefs of that group by the Medina County District Library. The use of a meeting room by a non-library group shall not be publicized in such a way as to imply library sponsorship of the group's activities unless the activity is being co-sponsored by the library. Events held by a for-profit group, open to the public, such as workshops and seminars with a business presenter, are prohibited, even if educational in nature.

No sales or soliciting is allowed. Individuals may not profit from, nor use the library's meeting rooms to run a business. Meetings planned by a company or individual to promote, advertise, or lead to a sale of a product or service are not permitted.

No fees can be charged to and no contributions solicited from those attending meetings, programs or events in the library meeting rooms. For rooms being provided at no charge, all meetings must be free and open to the public. However, a reasonable charge may be made to cover meeting costs, such as the cost of activity/craft materials, handouts, refreshments, etc.

The Medina County District Library, affiliated organizations and strategic partner groups may use the meeting room facilities for fundraising events. In these cases, exceptions will be considered for after hours events. After hours fundraising events for strategic partner groups may require a charge to cover additional expenses incurred by the library.

The library reserves the right to cancel the use of the meeting room or cancel any reservation at any time if the meeting room is needed for library use, maintenance or due to a situation warranting an emergency closing of a branch. All fees will be refunded.

All activities conducted in library buildings are subject to the policies of the Medina County District Library.

The library does not discriminate in making its meeting rooms available for use on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual preference, age, physical limitation, or military status as defined in section 4112.01 of the Revised Code.


All room reservations are booked online. Open dates and times will be displayed on the online meeting room calendar. Fees are due when the room is booked. Fees are paid online via MasterCard, VISA, or Discover. All reservations are PENDING, until approved via e-mail by the library. The library reserves the right to re-assign meeting room use based on projected attendance and requirements.

Persons applying for rooms must be 18 years of age or older. The library reserves the right to ask for verification of age.

Meeting rooms are available on a first come, first served basis.

Bookings may be made up to six months in advance. Bookings must be made at least one week in advance.

Please allow for set up and clean up time when making a reservation.

All events are to begin during library hours. In meeting rooms with an after-hours exit, events may run 1 hour after the library closes.

Meetings in rooms that do not have an after-hours exit must end one half hour before the library's closing time.



Non-profit Groups

Non-profit community organizations may reserve a meeting room twelve times per year free of charge. Additional bookings are subject to the same fees charged to individuals and for-profit groups. The library reserves the right to ask for verification of non-profit status. If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so online as soon as possible, so others may use the room.

Individuals and For-Profit Groups

Rooms may be reserved for a two-hour minimum for $40 for Medina County residents and $50 for non-residents. Additional hours are $20 per hour for residents and $25 per hour for non-residents. The person booking the room is considered a resident if he/she lives in Medina County or the organization that is booking the room has an address in Medina County . The library reserves the right to ask for verification of resident status.

Groups reserving one half of the dividable meeting room in the Brunswick or Medina libraries are subject to the above room rates. To reserve the entire room, a fee of $80 for residents and $100 for non-residents for the two- hour minimum is required. Each additional hour is $40 for residents and $50 for non-residents.


A full refund of a fee will be given online, if cancellation is received no later than 48 hours before the room reservation date. If the reservation is cancelled within 48 hours, no refund will be given. Groups or individuals, who need to cancel a reservation and are not paying a fee for the room, are asked to do so online as soon as possible, so others may use the room.

Meeting Room Use

Groups or individuals using a meeting room must report in and report out at the Check Out desk.

Each group is responsible for the set up of the room.

Animals (with the exception of service animals) may not be brought onto library premises or grounds unless a part of a library sponsored program.

Use of the meeting rooms shall not cause a disturbance to the operation of the library.

Groups using a meeting room shall not use excessive bandwidth that affects the operation of the library's computer system.

Please carpool when possible due to limited parking.


Minors using a meeting room must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult.

Food & Beverages

Light refreshments are allowed in the meeting rooms. Some rooms have limited kitchen facilities (see Room Descriptions for details). Coffee pots and a hot water pot will be provided, if space allows. Groups working with a caterer should ask the caterer to contact the library prior to the event. Alcoholic beverages and the use of tobacco products are prohibited in the meeting rooms and on library premises.


Decorations which do not damage the walls, ceiling, or furniture are permitted. No scotch tape or masking tape may be used to hang items.

Wall decorations are limited to a tackable surface, if available, or can be hung by the use of putty tack.

Helium balloons, candles, or open flames are not permitted.

All decorations must be removed when the event is over.

Clean Up

Clean-up of the room and kitchenette is required. Vacuum cleaners, cleaning supplies and trash bags will be provided. Groups or individuals using a meeting room are responsible for emptying the trash and removing it from the library. Report any damage, stains or spills needing clean up to staff immediately. Failure to leave the room neat and clean may result in the assessment of a cleaning fee or loss of privileges.

Important Notes

Failure to abide by these Meeting Room Guidelines or giving false information is justification for immediate cancellation and /or the loss of future meeting room privileges.

The library is not liable for injuries to people, damage to their property, or loss of property belonging to individuals or groups using the meeting rooms.

All groups must comply with fire and access codes that regulate use of the library. Maximum capacity regulations must be observed, adequate aisle space must be provided and doors must not be blocked.

The group/individual booking the room agrees to assume full responsibility for the group's behavior and any damages to the facility or equipment, which may occur as a result of the group's use of the meeting room.