Recent national news has included stories of school and public libraries responding to requests to ban certain books from their collections. While this has not been the case in Medina County, I’m happy to share our process on curating MCDL’s collection. We choose materials according to the interests, needs, and demands of the community. The criteria include: accuracy; literary merit; contemporary significance or permanent value; authority of the author, editor, or illustrator; attention of critics and reviews; and availability of materials in partner libraries. The responsibility for materials selection rests with the Library Director, and I operate within the policies determined by the Library Board of Trustees. We have a centralized selection process, which means our Collection Resources Department staff, who have specific education and expertise in collection management, implement our collection policy with input from branch staff. Some reasons that may lead us to exclude an item from the collection include lack of community interest, expense, or space. The decision is not based on ideology of the subject matter. The presence of an item in our collection does not imply library endorsement of the ideas expressed in that item. We are fulfilling our role as a neutral provider of information from diverse points of view. It is our role to protect your right to have access to a broad selection of materials. What should you do if you can’t find something that represents your point of view or life experience? Ask for the materials you want! Library staff are pleased to help you locate materials, borrow items from partner libraries, and welcome suggestions for items to include in our collection. We strive to serve the interests of the entire community. We are here to help you find the information and material you need and want. Director’s Notes by Julianne Bedel Literacy & Learning for Children Take advantage of these services and learn more at mcdl.info/EarlyLiteracy 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Accept the challenge and pick up a packet at any MCDL location. Learn more and download the gameboards online. Early Literacy Kits are great to use with children at home or in a classroom. Every kit centers around a topic of interest to young children and contains books, activities, and puppets or toys related to that theme. Reserve one online and pick up at your favorite library location. Try one of our most popular themes: Alphabet, Confidence, Dinosaurs, Feelings, and Manners. Storytimes are a fun way to enrich your child with reading skills, rhymes and songs, all delivered by familiar library faces. Get Ready to Read monthly flyers feature a calendar of early literacy activities and skills along with rhymes, songs, and activities to do with your child. Discovery Packs feature themed books, a video, and toy in a handy backpack. Check out nature versions to encourage outdoor fun. Available at all MCDL locations. 2