Featured Art at Medina County District Libraries

Medina County District Library’s mission statement promises we will “enrich lives in our communities.” One of the many ways we do this is by providing a variety of art for the community to enjoy. During the library’s expansion project in the early 2000’s, a committee of art lovers decided to honor local artists whenever possible by displaying their original work in the libraries. We also reached out to niche artists when the space required just the right piece, such as the glass mosaic in the Medina Library lobby. Library staff also felt it was important to include a variety of art forms in our buildings, such as original paintings, sculptures, glass, pottery, metal and more. As you peruse this booklet, we hope you gain an appreciation for the diversity of art forms as well as the quality of work. To further enhance the art experience, MCDL established four rotating art galleries where artists may exhibit their work. The galleries are an attraction, since there’s always something new to discover. Contact the Medina, Brunswick, Lodi or Highland Library for more information. MCDL would like to thank all the artists, whom over the years have added color, beauty and visual interest to our libraries. According to local arts groups, we’ve become “the destination” for art in Medina County. Thank you for gracing us with that distinction. Theresa Laffey Assistant Director Medina County District Library