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Are you interested in sharing your time and talent to help our staff provide outstanding customer service? Would you like to meet new people and learn new skills while making a difference? Teens, do you have community volunteer requirements for school or another organization?

The library is busier than ever before and we are looking for dedicated volunteers who would like to supplement, enhance and support our staff while making a positive contribution to one of Medina County’s greatest assets.

Video: Learn more about Volunteering at Medina County District Library.

Our volunteer program welcomes:
  • Tweens and Teens, age 12 (or entering 6th Grade) and up
  • Adults of all ages

If you think volunteering at the library may be right for you, please contact the Volunteer Liaison at your local library or contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 330-722-2490. You may also download the Student Application if you are age 17 or younger or the Adult Application and Volunteer Release Form if you are 17 or older. These can be mailed or returned to any MCDL library.

How Can I Help?

How can I help?

Volunteer positions (Not all positions are available at all branches)

  • Art Care & Maintenance
  • Book Mate
  • Community Relations Office Helper
  • Database Entry
  • Ellison Experience
  • Friend to the Friends
  • Genealogy Volunteer
  • Green Thumbs & Landscape Lovers
  • Greeter
  • Holds List Helper
  • Holiday Helpers
  • Materials Maintenance
  • Page Volunteer
  • Shelf Readers
  • Event Specialist
  • Student Volunteers
  • Warm Up Medina County Volunteer
  • Window Washer

Many volunteer positions may include a combination of several of these roles. 

For more detailed job descriptions please refer to the Volunteer Handbook

How Do I Become a Volunteer?

How do I become a volunteer?

If you have any questions about specific opportunities contact the Volunteer Coordinator at your local library, or contact Ann Plazek, Library Volunteer Coordinator, by phone at 330-722-2490 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Some Medina County District Library volunteer opportunities require special skills. All Medina County District Library volunteer opportunities require background checks for those age 18 and older. Your Volunteer Coordinator will make you aware of these requirements before your service begins. 

If you would like to become a volunteer please fill out the Student Application if you are 17 or younger, or the  Adult Application and the Volunteer Release Form and return both to the Volunteer Liaison in the library you would prefer to volunteer in, or mail it to Ann Plazek, Volunteer Coordinator, Buckeye Library, 6625 Wolff Road, Medina, OH 44256.

For additional information about our Volunteer program please download our Volunteer Handbook.

Community Service Volunteers

Court Ordered Community Service and Required Community Service

Court ordered community service can be a regular, dependable source of volunteer assistance. Community service volunteers represent a pool of diverse talent and can become goodwill ambassadors while paying their debt to society. MCDL may accept various court ordered community service, however, certain court ordered offenses will NOT be permitted. All court ordered offenses will be discussed and reviewed on a case-by case basis by the Volunteer Coordinator, MCDL Branch Manager and/or Volunteer Liaison.
Contact information for the person assigning the community service must be provided. It is up to the discretion of MCDL to accept or deny any person of volunteer service.

Medina County District Library will accept persons with misdemeanors in the following categories:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Under age drinking of alcohol
  • Traffic violations such as driving with no insurance, speeding, parking tickets, not paying traffic fines
  • Trespassing in lawful locations
  • Curfew violations
  • Any other misdemeanors or crimes deemed acceptable by Medina County District Library

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